March 27, 2014

Video, marketing, and metaphorical steaks

Welcome to our new website. Take a look around, watch some of our content and give us some feedback!

When it comes to presenting information, there is no doubt that video is quickly becoming the best medium for delivery. Some quick facts for you:

 “89 million people in the United States are going to watch 1.2 billion online videos today. (ComScore)

Online video users are expected to double to 1.5 billion in 2016. (Cisco)”     

So it’s a dynamic medium and its reach is growing rapidly. You reach out to us, we give you some kick ass pieces and then what? How do you present the presentation? Well that was an issue I was having personally. Pixel Thick cooks a mean steak but we needed a plate and I’m no ceramicist. That’s where
The Frux Consulting
came in.


They’re also not ceramicists (that I know of, and vegan so the whole steak metaphor is kinda messed up) but they certainly know how to present your content. The team consists of Tony Ash, a master coder with tasteful artistic insight and Raquel Fagan, who has molecule sized megaphones running in her blood and knows how to get the word out through media outreach and social positioning.

Working with them is like having the biggest dudes in the bar on your side. You feel like everything is under control. Communication, the most important aspect of the client – service provider relationship, comes quick and easy. And they even handle problems you didn’t even know you had (psst! Your tag is showing.) They’ve helped me put together this very site you’re on and are an ongoing fountainhead of knowledge.

Point is, let me handle your videos. They’ll handle the rest.

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