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Word on the Street

robyn-ItuleROBYN ITULE
Social Media Manager – Insight
“David has the unique ability to take an idea and not only make it a visual reality but he does it in ways that are continually fresh and memorable. As a videographer, animator, effects genius and all around executive producer, David is also personable and a general delight to work with.”


Associate Director II – ESPN
“David has been able to apply his artistic abilities and logisitical knowledge to find success across a variety of multimedia projects, in both professional and academic settings. David is an original thinker and continues to exceed the high standards his body of work has established.”


Designer – Rain Made Design
“Working with David was great because he’s so naturally collaborative. I had a good vision but it was vague; David was open to my ideas and intent on bringing my vision into reality. And because he’s skilled both creatively and technically, David ended up taking the helm and executed our project fast and with impeccable taste.”