November 24, 2014

Mind Share & Marketing

I recently became aware of a term called mind share by reading the book This Town by Mark Leibovich. It’s the little tiny parcel of land you claim for yourself in the grand brain-scape of others. Sometimes, you might be able to make an initial land grab, but soon you find that your territory has been over run by the upward swiping motion of someone scrolling down their jam packed Facebook feed. For you to maintain your plot in it’s fruitful nature, it needs to be seeded, watered and yes, fertilized.

You may have proven to your customer that your services or goods are on point but that doesn’t guarantee a return visit or a referral. Not because their opinion of you has soured but simply because so much time has passed since your last interaction that they forgot they had an opinion at all. That’s why you need to stay visible. This is where content comes in handy. Whether it be a blog post, a tweet or a well produced video. All of these are things that sprinkle a little seed on your mind share. I’m guilty myself of not doing this regularly enough but every attempt to try and correct this is time well spent. Even if your customer doesn’t engage with it as it rolls up their screen, a part of their brain recognizes it and subliminally processes it.

The optimal goal is to continue the conversation with your clients long after your last project has been submitted. Joining groups(social media and real life ones), commenting on posts, and re-tweeting them are all ways to keep in touch. When sharing your voice, speak generally about your area of expertise and keep a positive tone. All of this will work to reinforce your reputation. Repetition of interaction breeds familiarity, familiarity breeds comfort, and comfort breeds liking.

——————————————– Sharing Pointers ———————————————————–

        • Build a sharing routine
        • Schedule your posts ahead of time
        • Use a web tool such as Buffer to plan and automate your marketing.


By following these pointers, you will soon be the Joseph Donnelly of your network’s mind share.

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